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4Videosoft QuickTime Video Converter 5.0

An excellent video converter and audio extractor with video editing functions
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4Videosoft QuickTime Video Converter is a powerful and sophisticated video conversion and audio extraction tool, devised to convert video files between nearly all known formats, and to extract their audio tracks and save them in some of the most popular audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, and ACC. The program also includes basic video editing functionality, useful to achieve more precise conversions. It supports batch conversion, allowing you to process several video files in one single operation.

The program lets you add your source video files individually or by folder, recognizing all supported media files and adding them to the conversion list automatically. All the files selected are listed with a thumbnail and some very detailed information about them, allowing you to remove any of them and to change their conversion order. Even though you would normally choose one output profile for the whole conversion list, the program allows you to apply a different output configuration to each file.

Besides that, and also on an individual basis, you can make use of the video editing functionality that comes with the program, such as the cropping tool, which allows you to select only a portion of the original video's screen; the trimming tool, useful to convert only a segment of the source video; and the video effects, to tweak the original video's brightness, saturation, volume, contrast, and hue.

Additional functions that this program offers are "Merge", which lets you select two or more videos of your conversion list and join them together; "Rename", to change the output name of your files; and "Properties", which displays detailed information about the selected file in a separate window. Besides that, the program also includes a built-in media player to let you have a preview of any of your source video files and to take snapshots of them while playing.

Despite the name of this program, QuickTime is not the only output format available for your video conversions. In fact, you can choose among a wide variety of video codecs, including those supported by well-known mobile devices. Audio output formats are also available, in case you want to perform an audio extraction. To top it all off, you can select your favorite audio and subtitle tracks for conversion, when available. As you can see, this is a very comprehensive video conversion and audio extraction tool, which includes a complete set of tools and functions that will allow you to obtain exactly the results you are looking for. The program's price is not too high for all the functionality it provides.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very nice interface
  • Includes basic video editing functions
  • Allows you to set the output name, profile, and parameters on an individual basis
  • Supports nearly all known video and audio formats
  • Includes a built-in media player that allows you to take snapshots of your videos
  • Allows you to select the audio and subtitle streams when available


  • None
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